West Glasgow

The Glasgow paintball centre is located on the outskirts of Paisley and is one of Scotland’s leading paintball centres. IPG is calling paintball enthusiasts who will brave all weather conditions to come and experience a day with us.

Experience first class facilites and awesome game zones. We feature two-storey castles, London double-decker buses and creepy tombstones within a haunted graveyard. . You will need to stock up as this venue offers gun upgrades.  Smoke and flash grenades are available to spice up any match.
To book your paintball experience at the IPG Glasgow Paintball centre, give our friendly booking team a ring on 0844 326 7065* today to find out more! This is paintballing in Scotland at its very best!


East Glasgow

Are you ready? For our secret spin on the London Apocalypse game zone. Glasgow Apocalypse featuring buses and famous landmarks from the area!

From start to finish, your safety is our priority. A full combat suits with padded collars for that extra bit of safety is provided on arrival! With short refreshment breaks in between to reload and discuss tactics for the games ahead!

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, planning an adventure day with friends and family.

Our helpful marshals will be on hand all day long if you have any questions or queries.



It’s easy to make a weekend of your epic paintballing experience!Ssince our award-winning Edinburgh centre is within a short distance from HolyroodPalace, Edinburgh Castle and HMY Britannia. Making it ideal for those looking to combine their paintballing with a spot of sightseeing. Whether you’re playing for a special occasion or fancy a day of action with friends and family. Our paintball centre has it all.

Our friendly marshals will brief your team and check the equipment of every single player before allowing the game to begin – rest assured, we only use the latest technology in all of our centres – your safety is our priority.

Awarded 5 stars by the Scottish Tourist Board, so you know you’re in safe hands.

A hot lunch is available to purchase on the day of the event to help you keep your energy levels up.