The Norwich paintball centre is situated in over 80 acres of varied woodland terrain allowing plenty of space for you and your teammates to get stuck into a day of paintball action. The centre features 7 different game zones including Border Crossing, Sunken Village and the Reaper’s Graveyard.

The paintball centre in Norwich is conveniently located 7 miles outside the city centre at Ringland. It is easily accessible via the A47 and caters for groups from the age of 17 years and up.


Get your friends together and arrange a visit to the Northwold paintball centre for an experience like no other. The Northwold paintball centre offers a great VIP paintball experience with a variety of game zones including a WW2 bunker, a replica helicopter and various seek and destroy fields.

The Northwold paintball centre is located in dense woodland near Downham Market and Thetford Forest Park. The centre provides a great day out for paintballers in the east Anglian region.


The paintball centre is situated in rugged landscape and features six exciting game zones including Castle Wallenberg, WW2 bunker and the newly themed operation desert storm game zone which features various themed shop fronts, military vehicles and border checkpoints.

The Coventry paintball centre is located to the north of Coventry just off the M6 and M69 meaning it is perfectly situated to accommodate paintball players in Coventry, Birmingham and Leicester.

Pyrotechnics available: Paint grenades, smoke grenades, Thunderflashes

Thetford Forest

Be entertained on a VIP paintball experience at the Thetford Forest paintball centre and you’ll encounter a variety of game zones including the Village, the Lodge, Castle, Mission Impossible and Fuel Dump.

The Thetford Forest Paintball centre is located just outside the city centre on the A11, is the best and most convenient location to play paintball in Norfolk, Norwich or in Cambridge.


Our world-class paintball centre in Nottinghamshire, Nottinghamshire is situated in lush woodland with massive movie-set game scenarios including Tomb Raider, which features a large pyramid and mummy statues for cover. For the more adventurous players, the brook behind the Viet Cong Village can be strategically used to sneak up on the opposition. Your VIP paintball experience will be nothing but actionpacked.

The Nottingham paintball centre is set in expansive woodland, located just off the M1 at Junction 24. The paintball centre is the best and most convenient place for anyone looking to play paintball in the East Midlands, Derby or paintball in Loughborough.

Pyrotechnics available: Paint grenades, Smoke grenades, Thunderflashes

Milton Keynes

At Milton Keynes Paintball all game zones are within short walking distance of the base camp, ensuring maximum playing time. With the best game zones in the UK, including an impressive stone bridge crossing with border patrol huts and 40 tonne tank, and a 3-storey fortress with a fortified sniper tower, you are in for the paintball adventure of a lifetime.

Milton Keynes Paintball is located just to the west of Milton Keynes and is the most convenient place to play paintball in Buckinghamshire, paintball in Milton Keynes, paintball in Northampton or paintball in Oxford.

Pyrotechnics available: Paint grenades, Smoke grenades, Mk5 Thunderflashes


For a paintball experience like no other come and visit the Lichfield paintball centre. The thick woodland provides the perfect setting for paintball and will put players of all skill levels to the test. Encounter movie-set battlefields on your full day paintball adventure as you take part in what will be the highlight of the year!

The Lichfield paintball centre is set in a vibrant and expansive forest just outside Birmingham. The convenient location makes it the perfect venue for playing paintball in the Midlands, Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, Derby, or paintball in Wolverhampton.

Pyrotechnics available: Paint grenades, Smoke grenades, Mk5 Thunderflashes

King’s Lynn

The King’s Lynn paintball centre offers you and your friends a great day of paintballing. With a variety of actionpacked game zones on offer, round up the troops and get set for a memorable day out.

The centre is conveniently located in dense, varied woodland close to Wisbech and Downham Market and is suitable for paintball players from Peterborough, Cambridge or King’s Lynn.


Welcome to the largest paintball centre in the Midlands area! Offering 8 incredible action-packed game zones in 64 acres of mixed woodland, the Birmingham Paintball Centre provides customers with the ultimate day out. Experience a day filled with action amongst trains, planes, giant stone pyramids and tanks, just to name a few. It’s the ultimate paintball experience!

Birmingham Paintball is located close to the M42 and is the best place to play paintball in the Midlands area or in Solihull.

Pyrotechnics available: Smoke grenades