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IPG Game Zones

If you want to play paintball in amazing game zones then you have come to the right place. Our game zones are inspired by Hollywood movies, cult classic video games and iconic moments from history. These game zones have been brought to life using props and ex-military vehicles from real big budget movie sets. So if you are looking for realism and attention to detail, you will not be disappointed.

Below is a selection of our ten most popular game zones, but we have many more. If you want to find out about any of our other game zones please feel free to contact our events team 24/7 on 0203 869 9332. We look forward to hearing from you.

Castle Wallenberg

Hidden deep in the heart of the Bavarian forest is the ancient Castle Wallenberg, an enormous two-story fortress with a dark history. In a last ditch attempt at rallying their remaining force, the Gestapo have occupied this hidden and seemingly impenetrable structure slowing the allied advance into Nazi Germany.

Vietcong Village

As you lead your squad down the Ho Chi Minh trail, you come across a seemingly abandoned village nestled within the jungle. The villagers have fled their homes in fear and the village is now teeming with hostile Vietcong. Air cover this far behind enemy lines is not available and a minefield encircles the village, meaning you have no choice but to go straight through.

Command Post

Months of reconnaissance have paid off and the location of an enemy stronghold has been revealed, deep within the treacherous, seemingly deserted hills of Afghanistan. Some good men have died to bring you this information and it’s only a matter of time before the insurgents relocate – there’s no choice but to strike now. Your specialist unit has been ordered to carry out a ‘Halo-Insertion’ – infiltrate the enemy stronghold and take it out with plastic explosives.

The Black Pearl

The most wanted man in the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, and his nefarious band of pirates have arrived into port aboard the legendary Black Pearl seeking plunder and pleasure. This may be the last chance you and your men have got to bring the wanted pirate to justice and there’s only one way to stop The Black Pearl from leaving port – by blowing a hole on the waterline of it’s starboard hull using dynamite. You must act fast and stop at nothing.

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