A Game Zone Based on a British Forces training camp. Operation Desert Storm is the perfect recreation of a modern day Middle Eastern war-zone. A convoy of six military vehicles ferrying the President from his hotel to the American Embassy has been attacked.  Your mission as Bodyguards is to deliver the President to the Embassy without harm. Unfortunately the local Insurgents have another idea –they have made the American leader their number one target. This is a classic defence and attack scenario. One team must sit and protect the asset while the others must move forward and attack the asset. One shot will kill the President, making this one of the most tactical, strategic scenarios at our centres. The Bodyguards in particular must be on high alert at all times. The Insurgents will start at the Embassy on the higher ground, so will find good visibility and sniper points as they move towards the hotel. The Bodyguards may want to deploy smoke grenades in order to move up the hill and past their enemy without detection.