This game zone is set in the height of the Gold Rush in Western America. Millions of dollars worth of gold is estimated to be lying undiscovered beneath the ground. It seems mines are opening up all over the country. The successful miners are stashing their earnings in the local banks, which are guarded under lock and key by the town’s Sheriff and his Rangers. The Outlaws want a piece of the pie, but aren’t prepared to put in the hard yards. They’re targeting the local banks in order to steal the bullion and line their filthy pockets. The Rangers must protect the miners’ wealth at all costs otherwise they’ll have another riot on their hands! The Outlaws start the game on the outskirts of the town, while the Rangers begin inside the town that houses the bank. The Outlaws must strategically make their way into the town while avoiding the Rangers’ ferocious fire. Once the bullion is located it must be shipped back to the Outlaws’ hideout in order to win. The Rangers’ job is to simply protect the gold until the end of the game. They may not touch the bag at any time.