Months of reconnaissance have finally paid off. The location of an important enemy stronghold is deep within the treacherous, seemingly deserted hills of war-torn Afghanistan. There’s no choice but to strike now and strike hard. Your task is to infiltrate the enemy stronghold and take it out with plastic explosives. Command Post has long been a beloved staple of the phenomenal IPG experience ever since the beginning. Every Command Post game zone across the UK is uniquely different but every one of them features an impenetrable fortress. Draped in camouflage netting and surrounded by all manner of towers and ammo dumps, it is a sight to behold. A battle to conquer and be victorious. A variation of the ‘Attack & Defend’ game rules are usually played on Command Post but in this case the game is sometimes referred to as ‘Bunker Buster’. One team will start off inside the fort. Alpha team is to defend it throughout the entire game while the Bravo team starts off at the opposite end of the game zone. The attacking team’s objective is to escort a ‘bomb’ into the fort occupied by the opposing team to win the battle.