Space Warz

space wars

“A long time ago, in a paintball field never far away…”

Tyrannous Imperial forces have been destroying planets and crushing all civilisation that doesn’t abide by their oppressive regime. As Rebel leader, you’ve succeeded in several attempts at slowing down their forces but now the time has come to end their command once and for all.

The forest, which holds the seemingly impenetrable Imperial base will be key to winning the war. Seize hold of the enemy stronghold and send the enemy forces into disarray. Our advice would be to gain control of the Imperial Shuttle, which is vital to winning the war. It allows total cover for you and your teammates to regroup and plan you’re next move.

As the battle goes on, you may think you’re doing great kid, but don’t get cocky. The place is sprawling with AT-ST walkers scouting the area for overzealous players out in the open.

Use the high vantage point to help hold off enemies looking to steal back captured territories and take advantage of the outer edges of the field that offer the perfect cover for advancing attacks.

So experience this epic intergalactic battle of good vs. evil.

Raptor Park

Raptor Park

On a remote island, word is spreading that a new breed of Dinosaur has been created. His team of park rangers are trained to keep this existence of the dinosaur a secret until an army of mutated dinosaurs has been created.

You and your team have been tasked to find all remaining dinosaur eggs hidden in the Raptor enclosure. It’s up to you to catch the eggs before they hatch and end civilisation as we know it. Use the cover of abandoned safari jeeps to battle your way into the Raptor enclosure and remove the dinosaur eggs. Only stealth and cunning will ensure a successful mission – and remember – you’re being watched.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider

A top-secret mission has been assigned to your commando and the pressure is on. Are you prepared for the challenge? Deep in the Amazonian jungle lies an ancient pyramid, abandoned and hidden from sight for thousands of years. To the untrained eye, its dark secret remains unknown. But for you and your team, you know what lies beneath. Hidden deep in the catacombs of the pyramids sits a sacred amulet. A tool with unbelievable powers that could be deadly in the hands of the wrong person. Your mission is to extract the amulet before evil forces take over – the race is on to save the world from destruction. Will you succeed?

Surrounded by gigantic statues and crumbling surroundings, you’ll need to be quick on your feet to outsmart the enemy. This signature game zone was one of the first ever game zones unique to Allied Paintball Centres, and its world class detail and phenomenal realism is a huge hit with players of all ages.

While ‘Team Deathmatch’ is a popular game on Tomb Raider, ‘Capture the Flag’ is more commonly played. The race is on against the opposition to reach the pyramid and emerge victorious. Both teams will start at equal distances, so the responsibility is left in your hands to capture the amulet and return it to your base in time. If neither team manage to return the amulet within this ten minute game, the game will be considered a draw. Does your unit have the ability to out smart the opposition and return the amulet in time?

Black Hawk Down

Gamezone black hawk

You are moving through the hostile jungle surrounding when it is punctuated by the sound of an explosion overhead. You’re unsure if anyone has even survived as you catch a glimpse of a Black Hawk helicopter scattering itself everywhere. Hit by an enemy RPG, the pilot has activated his distress signal and by some miracle, survived. Your task is to quickly move through the jungle, assess the situation and bring the injured pilot to safety. Do you want to accept the challenge?

Attacking the enemy from both flanks will cut off the opposition’s access and give your team the upper hand, but you’ve got to be quick to spot any sneaky attacks. As you both fight for control of the Black Hawk chopper, who will come out victorious? Can you get the pilot safely away from ‘questioning’? Does your team have what it takes to maintain their own safety and approach the task in hand with enough skill to win? The enemy forces certainly aren’t backing down and there is no chance they are going to take this mission lightly. Don’t let the enemy forces get to the pilot first. His life is in your hands and all eyes are on your team to succeed.


Zombies’ Crypt

zombies crypt

You’ve heard rumours that the Dark Crypt is home to zombies, stalking and haunting the nearby graveyard. Their undead corpses attacking anyone they see, in defence of the Holy Book located on the Dark Crypt’s high altar. Your mission it to invade and obtain the Holy Book, avoiding the grasp of the zombies. Do you have what it takes to avoid their attack and safely return the book to the zombies’ spawning point? Your unit will require patience and stealth to outsmart them – you cannot afford to be taken down.

The grand two-storey church is based in the middle of the battle, surrounded by gravestones and coffins. Your advantage point comes in the form of the bell tower, supplying your team with cover.

This game takes a shed load of skill to come out successful, with both teams starting at opposite ends with the same task in mind. Will you let the opposition take control and gain access to the Holy Book? You’ll need to storm the enemy by surprise to seize control – there is no better game zone to demonstrate your team work skills and bring peace to the area once and for all.

London Apocalypse

london apocalypse

You’ve been put in charge of the American president’s safety – but how will you cope with the pressure? Selected by the State Department, it is your duty to escort him to his vehicle. But the sound of gunfire starts to echo around you, you’ve come under attack and there’s no escape. Retreating into nearby woodland, a double-decker bus provides temporary shelter, but you haven’t got time to stop for long. The world is in your hands, and the solution is at your fingertips. Reinforcements are on their way, but time is running out fast. You have to take matters into your own hands. Will you put your life on the line?

Keep members on your team distant from one another or you’ll soon find yourselves pinned down by the opposition. Hiding in London’s famous double-decker will only work for so long, so you’ll need to put those tactics into practice.

Split into two teams, one will serve and protect while the others concentrate on taking out the president at any cost. Can you survive a surprise attack and ensure his safety at all times? It’s not just your unit to take into account here, he’s counting on you and your skills to protect him until the end of the game.

There are a variety of game rules played in this game zone, while ‘Protect the President’ remains the most common, and ‘Team Deathmatch’ ‘Headquarters’ are also designed to suit this game zone.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush

This game zone is set in the height of the Gold Rush in Western America. Millions of dollars worth of gold is estimated to be lying undiscovered beneath the ground. It seems mines are opening up all over the country. The successful miners are stashing their earnings in the local banks, which are guarded under lock and key by the town’s Sheriff and his Rangers.

The Outlaws want a piece of the pie, but aren’t prepared to put in the hard yards. They’re targeting the local banks in order to steal the bullion and line their filthy pockets. The Rangers must protect the miners’ wealth at all costs otherwise they’ll have another riot on their hands!

The Outlaws start the game on the outskirts of the town, while the Rangers begin inside the town that houses the bank. The Outlaws must strategically make their way into the town while avoiding the Rangers’ ferocious fire. Once the bullion is located it must be shipped back to the Outlaws’ hideout in order to win.

The Rangers’ job is to simply protect the gold until the end of the game. They may not touch the bag at any time.

Counter Strike

counter strike

It’s the height of World War II. Rival forces are desperately battling to take control of several crucial bunkers in no man’s land. Both units know if they allow the bunkers to fall into enemy hands they could find themselves in grave danger.

To win the game each side must secure as many bunkers as possible. Each team will pick up a point for every bunker claimed.

This game zone is all about domination. Both sides have the same objective – to reach as many bunkers as possible – but which team will prove the most stubborn when it comes to defending their territory? Organisation and teamwork are crucial in this scenario.

Teams may also want to utilise smoke bombs and flashbangs in order to distract their enemy and invade their position. Just be wary of wind direction when deploying them!

Sheriff’s Castle

Sherifs castle

A Game Zone set to overthrow a King that can be dangerous affair! But after years of servitude and living conditions, this is exactly what you have been forced to do. Nothing symbolises the King’s power more than this oppressive forest castle, fortified with his loyal army. It is time to storm the gates and bring an end to his reign of terror! Your band of peasants is charged to take the castle and take control of the garrison. Failure is not an option the people are relying on you, you must be successful.


Operation Desert Storm

operation desert storm

A Game Zone Based on a British Forces training camp. Operation Desert Storm is the perfect recreation of a modern day Middle Eastern war-zone.

A convoy of six military vehicles ferrying the President from his hotel to the American Embassy has been attacked.  Your mission as Bodyguards is to deliver the President to the Embassy without harm. Unfortunately the local Insurgents have another idea –they have made the American leader their number one target.

This is a classic defence and attack scenario. One team must sit and protect the asset while the others must move forward and attack the asset. One shot will kill the President, making this one of the most tactical, strategic scenarios at our centres. The Bodyguards in particular must be on high alert at all times.

The Insurgents will start at the Embassy on the higher ground, so will find good visibility and sniper points as they move towards the hotel. The Bodyguards may want to deploy smoke grenades in order to move up the hill and past their enemy without detection.