Space Warz

“A long time ago, in a paintball field never far away…”

Tyrannous Imperial forces have been destroying planets and crushing all civilisation that doesn’t abide by their oppressive regime. As Rebel leader, you’ve succeeded in several attempts at slowing down their forces but now the time has come to end their command once and for all.

The forest, which holds the seemingly impenetrable Imperial base will be key to winning the war. Seize hold of the enemy stronghold and send the enemy forces into disarray. Our advice would be to gain control of the Imperial Shuttle, which is vital to winning the war. It allows total cover for you and your teammates to regroup and plan you’re next move.

As the battle goes on, you may think you’re doing great kid, but don’t get cocky. The place is sprawling with AT-ST walkers scouting the area for overzealous players out in the open.

Use the high vantage point to help hold off enemies looking to steal back captured territories and take advantage of the outer edges of the field that offer the perfect cover for advancing attacks.

So experience this epic intergalactic battle of good vs. evil.

Raptor Park

“Hold onto your butts.”

As billionaire megalomaniac has created a wildlife park filled with vicious mutated dinosaurs, it’s your mission along with a team of explorers to find the eggs before they hatch and prevent humanity from being on the menu!

One wrong move and it could all be over, make use of the abandoned safari jeeps for cover and keep an eye on your surroundings, you never know who might be watching!

Tomb Raider

Explorer, adventurer and all-round thrill seeker – it has fallen upon you to seek out the sacred amulet that is buried deep within the catacombs of the ancient pyramids. It has been said that the amulet contains extraordinary powers that if in the wrong hands, could be the collapse of civilisation. Prevent evil forces that will stop at nothing to take the amulet and restore control of the Pyramid before it’s too late!

Black Hawk Down

Tension is high, international parties are at tipping point; one false move could spark global war. As you and your unit move deep into hostile territory, an explosion erupts overhead and ripples through the village. A Black Hawk helicopter has been downed and the pilot has now issued a distress signal.

Compete in the ultimate race against time and reach the pilot before the enemy finds them and brings them in for questioning.


Zombies’ Crypt

Across the bleak and barren landscape lies the treacherous Dark Crypt, rumoured to be home of the bloodthirsty zombies plaguing the nearby graveyard. In order to stop the undead from roaming the earth, your mission is to seek out the Holy Book buried deep within the crypt and carry it to the zombies spawning point to restore peace once again.

But be careful, these zombies would love nothing more than to turn you into a giant manwhich and will hunt you down at all costs.

London Apocalypse

An unknown threat has left the world in disarray. As part of a top-secret meeting with the heads of state, the US president has visited London to discuss the matter at hand. You have been selected by the State Department to protect the president on his tour of the UK when suddenly an attack breaks out.

With no way of contacting for help, the nearest form of cover is an abandoned bus in nearby woodland.

Will you risk your life in order to protect the president until reinforcements arrive? The fate of humanity is in your hands.

Gold Rush

A long forgotten stash of gold bullion has been found in an abandoned village in the old West. Hoards of miners have been making their way to the Wild West village in the hope of uncovering the unclaimed fortune. Unrest and violence is spreading, and is concentrated in the main streets of the village. Can the local constabulary return peace to the Wild West village, or will the miners succeed in their uprising and take control?

Counter Strike

This white-knuckle adrenaline ride is the ultimate game of domination. Experience WWII themed bunkers as you fight to defend vantage points that are vital to winning the game. The most structures held at the end of the game will emerge as victorious.

Each team must coordinate strategically and use tactics to hold off the anticipated attack from the opposition.

A well-used grenade will baffle, stun or smoke out the opposing team to help allow you secure bunkers and claim victory!

Sheriff’s Castle

For years the oppressive nobles have struck down on all those beneath them and squeezed out every hard earned penny they’ve gained.

Sat high within their fortified castles, today we say no more! Join the angry mob as they band together and crusade to overthrow the oppressive regime.

Will the King’s army be able to withstand the carefully planned attack from the lower classes or will those that have been wronged become a force to be reckoned with?

Operation Desert Storm

Crammed full of the most realistic military vehicles and modeled on a British Forces training facility. Operation Desert Storm will no doubt get the adrenaline pumping as you race through the most realistic modern-day Middle Eastern warzone.

Your mission is to rescue the president in the midst of an ambush midway between the hotel and the heavily guarded embassy.

Fight your way through narrow streets and avoid sniper fire to deliver the president to safety.