What happens on the day?

On arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will check you in. After you have completed our registration forms you will be kitted up with all the paintball equipment you need for the day. At 10:00am you are required to attend a compulsory safety briefing which will go through all the safety regulations for the day. Then the action starts! You will play 12-14 varied games during a full day session, with short refreshment breaks in between to reload your paintballs and discuss tactics!

Half way through the day at approximately 13:00pm we will break for lunch. A hot lunch can be ordered from our onsite shops before 11:00am and this will be served hot at lunchtime.

What isn’t included in the ticket?

Paintballs, food and drink are not included in the cost of the IPG Paintball tickets. When you book a paintballing party you will be asked to confirm each person’s first 100 paintballs for £9.99(1) per person, this way you will have 100 paintballs to start your day. Lunch can be purchased in advance through our bookings team, snacks and refreshments are available from our onsite shop andthere is also free tea and coffee available all day at our National Paintballing centres.

Can I drink alcohol at the centre?

We don’t permit any alcohol use on site. Any players found to be under the influence will be excluded from the games without refund and asked to leave the centre for their own safety.

Can my group play paintball mid-week?

At most IPG Paintball centres you can, provided that the minimum spend has been met. If the minimum spending requirement has not been made, unfortunately we aren’t able to open a centre mid-week, which you will be notified of at the time of your enquiry. However an alternative venue or date will always be offered for you.

How many people do I need to make a booking?

There is no minimum or maximum group size requirement – you can play paintball with any amount of people or individually if you prefer. Your group will be mixed with other players to make up teams for the day but private games can be arranged for larger groups of 40+ people. Please be aware that to open a centre, we may require a minimum spend for the group of players you wish to book. Please enquire for specific requirements for each centre.

What does an IPG Paintball ticket provide?

  • 12-14 action-packed paintball games.
  • Equipment hire for the day, including: full head helmet, overalls with padded collar, padded body armour, the latest semi automatic paintball gun and unlimited gas propellant refills.
  • Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance
  • Supervision and assistance during the games from friendly, fully trained paintball staff.
  • Tea and coffee refreshments all day


The Dublin paintball centre is situated in Bray and is set in picturesque forest within a historic estate. We have 6 varied fields for players aged 14 and up to explore during an action packed day out. The paintball centre is home to the Black Hawk Down game scenario, where the mission starts in a full scale Black Hawk helicopter and you make your way across the battlefield to safety in the nearby Church – are you brave enough to make the move across the open field?

Each player is provided with protective goggles, body armour and camouflage overalls that incorporate a padded neck protector. You can be sure your friends, family, co-workers or guests are treated to a great day out without the unnecessary pain.

You will be supervised by mature, professional paintball referees who are there to ensure you have an action packed, memorable and safe day.

West Glasgow

This is paintballing in Scotland at it’s very best, which is why more Scottish paintball players visit this paintball centre than any other! With 7 action-packed game scenarios, including 2 double-decker buses, a pyramid and a large fort, West Glasgow Paintball provides a challenging and enjoyable day out for all players.

West Glasgow Paintball is situated in thick woodland just outside the city and is close to Glasgow International Airport. This convenient location makes it a perfect venue for paintball in Greenock or paintball in Paisley. We will also be opening an East Glasgow paintball centre in February 2015.

Pyrotechnics available: Paint grenades, Smoke grenades, Thundeflashes

East Glasgow

Visit the East Glasgow paintballing centre today. This brand new paintball centre joins the already well established West Glasgow paintballing centre, helping to provide Glasgow fans with yet even more fantastic outdoor action. Guests enjoy access to five shiny new game zones, including a Glasgow themed version of the popular London Apocalypse game zone.