IPG Paintball parties are the best!

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IPG Paintball parties are the best!

For over 25 years we have encouraged thousands of kids to switch off the TV, peel their eyes away from their phones, get off the couch and get into the great outdoors and enjoy a paintball birthday party at IPG centres across the UK. An excellent way to encourage physical activity and spend time with friends is by taking part in Kids’ paintballing parties. At IPG we offer a full day of fun and adventure for players to explore our themed game zones that will be sure to thrill and entertain players aged 8 years and up.

kids paintball parties

Our immersive missions feature props such as giant pyramids, two-storey castles, double-decker buses and even a raptor enclosure!< It is a thrill-seekers paradise when you visit any one of our IPG centres in the UK for a day out with friend and family. Get active and spend a full day ducking and diving as you evade capture by the evil creatures in Zombies’ Crypt, or rescuing a comrade from a crashed helicopter in Black Hawk Down. This is the perfect setting to experience the fun of gaming in real life!

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IPG provides all players with the latest paintball gear to ensure all players remain protected and look the part. Our national venues supply players with full-head helmets, body armour and full-length camouflage combat suits. Kids will have blast emulating their favourite action hero alongside their friends for a birthday celebration.

When you book a paintball party with IPG, you can rest assured your kids will have an epic adventure and we take care of running the event for your. Our events run for a full day according to a planned itinerary so you can sit back and relax whilst your little warriors make lasting memories out on the paintball battlezone.

To book your paintball party with IPG, contact a friendly event coordinator on 0844 326 7065* or book online. We’re available 24/7 to help you plan the best birthday celebration yet!

Our guide what to wear paintballing

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At IPG we’re frequently asked what one should wear during a day out paintballing at an IPG paintball centre in the UK. Now there is no specific dress code, however we’ve put together some top tips to help you plan for your day out. At IPG centres in the UK all customers are provided with the latest paintballing gear to help protect you from top-to -toe and so you look like Rambo at the same time.

1. Here’s a list of what paintball equipment is issued at a national IPG centre.

360 degree goggles. These full head goggles ensure you head is fully protected and they also feature an anti-fog lens.

Camouflage combat suits with padded collar. These heavy-duty overalls provide a layer of protection over your clothing and ensures you look the part. The overalls come with a high-padded collar to keep your neck protected.

Padded Body Armour. Comprised of individual padded plates covered with mesh, this allows you the freedom to duck and dive in our game zones as well as protect your upper torso from the impact of paintballs.

paintball gear ipg

2. Recommended clothing for your paintball day.

Comfortable Clothing. Players of the think it’s best to wear additional layers under the camouflage combat suits to reduce the impact of paintballs, but this isn’t always the best idea. We provide players with body armour, and with paintball being a very active sport, players can get warm quite easily, especially with the ducking and diving required to play the game. We suggest players wear light, comfortable clothing that gives freedom to move, such as gym gear. With IPG paintball centres being based outdoors, the weather can be wet and even with the overalls covering your clothes, you want to be sure you’re wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

Sturdy shoes. An essential item to wear on the day is sensible shoes, seeing as the game zones are all based outdoors. We highly recommend boots over trainers or anything else, especially as boots offer ankle support. It can be muddy, wet and slippery out in the game zones so it’s always best to play it safe.

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3. Special outfits for a special celebration

If you’re arranging a day out to celebrate a stag or hen party, birthday or even a team-building day out, we encourage fancy dress! There’s nothing like seeing a flash of a pink tutu or someone in a banana suit darting through the woods in our themed game zones! If you haven’t managed to arrange your own fancy dress, we offer comedy suits to purchase at the centre to your special teammate remains the centre of attention!

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4. Change of Clothes

Following a full day of non-stop fun, we suggest players bring a change of clothes or footwear for the trip home. This comes in handy if you’re car-pooling and there are some of your teammates who have tested out their commando rolls!

The paintball equipment supplied at national IPG centres provides full protection during your event with us. If you have any particular questions about the equipment offered, contact an event coordinator on 0844 326 7065*. We’re available 24/7 to help you book your day out!

3 top tips for booking your paintball event

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Organising an event for friends and family can be daunting for individuals who avoid making plans. What’s great about booking a paintball day out with IPG is that we make it so easy to arrange. We’ve compiled the top 3 tips to help you book your paintball event with your exclusive IPG tickets, just follow the steps below.

– Chat to your friends

These days people are constantly on the go living a busy lifestyle and everyone is glued to their phones. The best way to ensure you get everyone involved in your paintball day out using your IPG tickets is to arrange a Facebook or Whatsapp group. In doing this, you will find it much easier to work out amongst yourselves what the best date is that suits everyone, work out the budget for all players and open the forum for people to ask questions about what a day out at IPG entails.

ipg paintball friends

– Call a friendly event coordinator 24/7

Our bookings team is available 24/7 to help you plan your day of paintball at and IPG centre near you. You can contact us anytime of day, and not only that you can also contact us in a variety of ways to suit your movements – you can call us on 0844 326 7065*, send us an email, request a call or chat to us online.
Once you are ready to book your tickets, we recommend having the preferred date of game, number of players and centre you’d like to play at. You can speak to an event coordinator to get all the information you need to relay the details on to your fellow teammates on Whatsapp or Facebook.

– Book your paintball event!

Step 3 is extremely simple. Now that you have your team sorted and ready to go, all you need to do is confirm the event with payment for the first 100 paintballs. payment. Once you’ve locked this in, your game day is booked and we’ll send you all the details you need prepare for your day out with us. Your booking confirmation, directions to the centre, registration forms as well as handy hints will be sent to you so that you can share this information with your fellow comrades.

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Now you’re all set! The countdown begins to your awesome day of adventure. Friendly staff are available 24/7 so give us a call on 0844 326 7065* and we’ll have you on the paintball battlefield in no time!